Automate cold call dialling

A seriously simple desktop AutoDialer, capable of dialing 180 numbers per hour

Outdial explained in 3 steps

The set up

Load prospects into the tool & select number of seconds between dials (i.e. 20 seconds)

The dialling

Plugin headset, click start. Tool will begin to dial through the list, counting down 25 seconds. When 25 seconds has elapsed, the tool will hang up the current call and dial the next number in the list.

The conversations

When you hear a prospect pick up, pause the countdown timer using either a keyboard or mouse shortcut & speak to the prospect.

The Big Idea

Booking meetings is tough. Sales teams face huge competition for their prospects diary time – and it’s draining to manually make 100 dials in a day. No wonder so many salespeople avoid it.

Our idea was to create a lightweight desktop dialler that essentially operated as a phone on a timer. After a specified number of seconds, the tool hangs up, and calls the next person on the list.

We would be totally automating the fatiguing parts of cold calling – clicking on the number, manually hanging up, copying & pasting the next prospect’s number into the dialler, hitting dial.

The only thing we would have to do is listen for when a person answers the phone, and pause the timer via keyboard/mouse shortcut to have the conversation.

Not only were we able to do 120 phone calls per hour, we were totally free to work on a second screen – prospecting, cleaning data, writing LinkedIn messages/emails, etc.

We had not only 4-6x our cold calling productivity, we had then doubled our productivity by working on a second monitor/computer.

We introduced the tool to our existing clients and got fantastic feedback. We knew we’d made something that could genuinely help sales teams do more with less.

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